Transitory, Finnish forestry & art photography

Ever since my first trips to Scandinavia, I have been fascinated by the beauty of the dead trees greyed out but still standing large and tall with their branches shaped and twisted during the years of growing in this arctic climate. Somehow the word transitory pops up in my head when I watch these pieces of natural art. Transitory literal means: temporary, only for a brief moment. In this case, more poetic, I would describe it as nothing stays the same, it grows old to some when, somehow born again.

When I moved to Finland I read a book about Finnish forestry. Covered by forest for about 65 percent it plays a huge role in Finnish heritage both in a economical, cultural and social way. It appeared that the Finnish forestry is world famous for its technology and the understanding of the importance of forests for our planet. So the book described that sometimes old trees are left standing to protect the young and new planted forest and finally fallen down, they provide the vegetation in the forest with important nutrition.

Back in the days of my trips to Scandinavia I used to collect some of the beautiful shaped branches to decorate my house. Now, when living among them, I have chosen to photograph these artfully shaped trees in their natural surroundings and turn them into photo art wall decoration. In this way they are left where they belong and complete their important task in the circle of life.

The inspiring North

Felt Crafts and Photo Art

by Claudia de Jong


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