The inspiring North

Felt Crafts and Photo Art Gallery

by Claudia de Jong


Peltotievantie 137, Enontekiö, Lapland, Finland

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Decluttering & Zen photography

...or just dull...

An unwanted trend of this time is "living too munch in our heads". Luckily other trends have arrived in the last decades to "cure" this. Mindfulness, meditation and even decluttering, help you to get peace of mind, be more grounded and clear up your head.

I don't follow trends but I'm quite a bit of "head person" myself, have been for a long time. But I'm fortunate to live in the middle of nature, a source which is a big help when searching for peace of mind or trying to get grounded! It also did make me pick up photography again, which has been a fling when I was a teenager but vanished quickly when growing up and I started living in my head.

the beauty of simplicity - emptiness full of promises - surrounded by serenity

Nowadays I get out into nature if it all gets to busy up there. When taking pictures at such moments I noticed I'm drawn to create pictures full of emptiness and decluttered from all the unnecessary things (like decluttering your home, clears up you mind, they say!), just to get that peace of mind.

One of the advantages of living here up north is that there are many misty mornings or good layers of snow which are perfect circumstances to achieve emptiness and a decluttered the background.

I would like to add that I don't "just take pictures" but create photo art and therefor I do use some light post-processing (like post-crop vignetting, exposure, contrast and clarity).

The picture where this all comes together is called "simplicity". Some might find it dull, I would refer to it as Zen photography.

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